EMPOWER THE CHOIR!  One of our best resources is  Don Neuen and Piero Bonamico’s booklet on basic choral singing , titled Empower the Choir!.  It is usually available at MRC rehearsals.

A video recording of the JUNE 16 2014 GLORIAS CONCERT  was aired on Mad River Valley TV, our local access station, which also has others of our concerts available.  You may still request a copy on DVD for $10. For recordings of the 2017 concerts, pleasase contact Rick Rayfield at Tempest Books and Music, Village Square, Waitsfield, VT.

CDs of our 2013 performance of Glenn McClure’s St Francis in the Americas Mass, with program guide in a full color CD clamshell are available for $10

MIDI FILES:  Usually Tim Guiles makes MIDI files of SATB pieces we are rehearsing, to help us learn our notes at home.  MIDI players like the Sweet MIDI Player from Roni Music allow you to listen to just your part, and then add in other parts in whatever balance you choose.   These MIDI files are small and sent out in email to all singers.  For various reasons,  these MIDI files, performance examples,  rehearsal and concert recordings, and other resources for MRC singers are stashed on Rick’s web site.  Mostly so he does not mess up this web site when he uploads rehearsal recordings and other resources.

We encourage MRC members to download and use the SweetMIDI player from Roni Music.  It allows you to control tempos and volume of various parts.
The free version works fine, but does not allow you to do some things like export a file to listen to on an ipod later.  Many MRC members have found the paid version worth the money.

Singers can request that MIDI files be converted into CDs which can be used to learn parts.  The CD can be a playable CD  (for CD player)  or MP3 files (for iPod, computer, recent car CD-players).
A typical MIDI-to-CD has your part for each piece of music on odd-numbered tracks, and all four (or more) parts on the following even-number tracks.  This allows you to learn your part from the CD (like in the car), and then sing it against all four parts.  Sometimes a performance recording of singers is also available.  Warning- we often sing at different tempos, and always with different dynamics than the MIDI recordings.  Marking your music at rehearsals and attending rehearsals is the ONLY way to prepare properly.  The MIDIs and CDs can be a great help. That is all.
There is no charge for CDs from MIDIs. Just let Rick know.
Also, contact Rick if you need a password for any resources.
Some of our recordings require restricted access. or 229-8237