MRC By-Laws

Click below to view the PDF of MRC By-Laws

Six pages are the 2012  By-Laws- This is the most up-to-date full version of the by-laws.

Pages 7 and 8 are the June 2, 2013 “Consent to Corporate Action in Lieu of Annual Meeting”
This Resolution indicates that the By-Laws have been amended to remove the term limits for Directors.

So current By-Laws will be posted when available.  These 2012 ByLaws include mention of term limits for Directors in Article 3.1, but term limits were removed in 2013. We will post the correct current language for Article 3.1 as soon as available.

This PDF was made using OCR (optical character recognition) to clean up the scanned copy ).  That copy was in the present small type and reduced page size.   Signatures were not correctly recognized, and in some cases they obscured printed text.  Hence those glitches. You should be able to view it and print it in more readable size with the Adobe Reader you use to read PDFs.   Errors in correcting the OCR and trying to standardize the format are mine, but who can tell?  So mea culpa, sorta.

MRC By-Laws etc OCR corrected 010118 B